Faith Talk Today

Faith Talk Today

Facilitating the link between mental health and faith.

How can we as Christians have depression and/or anxiety, hopelessness, despair, fear, worry, doubt, sadness, sorrow, helplessness, etc. when the Word promises so much?   While medication can be helpful, is there a connection between our unbelief and thoughts/behaviors that lend toward a negative response to our predicaments and we find ourselves wondering "where is my faith"? Is there a way to "count it all joy" when we face daunting situations or tasks?  

What if the answer is "yes"?

Educational Group

Our support groups will be focused on examining the mis-beliefs we have regarding Scripture and how those mis-beliefs have a negative impact, not only on our faith, but on faith development. 

Come see! 

Faith Based Learning

We, as believers, want to learn how to increase our faith.  What does it take?  I read the Bible.  I go to church.  Yet, something seems to be lacking. How do I find the answers that can help me today? 

Come hear!

Scripture Truths

The Bible was written for our benefit.  It is the view God has for our lives.  We are responsible to "rightly divide" the truth for us, as each person can grow in wisdom differently than another.  How do we do that?  Come learn!

Joyce Kay Hamilton, MLA/LPC

Ms. Hamilton is a long time student of the word of God. She believes she will stand before the Lord, God and give an accounting of her life.  Church doctrine may or may not be sufficient.  As the Scriptures admonish us to test Spirits and discern teaching, she believes she has some responsibility in her walk with the Lord. Therefore, as a way to help others in their own walk with our Creator, she has decided to begin a series of group teachings to help others develop a closer walk with God, the Father, Jesus, the son, and the Holy Spirit.

What some have said:

Ms. Hamilton just seems to have the right words at the right time.  She seems to come up with just the one Scripture I need to hear during our sessions.  She has been a great help in my walk with God and in my personal relationships.